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Welcome to Agent FAQ!

Most agents change brokers every 3-5 years. We understand that making a move in your career can be stressful. We are here to make it as easy as possible to say yes to giving yourself the very best opportunity for you and your career in Real Estate.

Below you will find the most common questions we answer for agents just like you. We've also include some links to a few more important questions that require a little more in depth answers. If we've missed anything at all, let us know and we'll be happy to provide an answer for you. 

Real Estate Agent FAQs

How do I sign up?

The easiest way to get the ball rolling is to contact Jenn Worthington at [email protected] She can get you set up with the simple transfer paperwork you need and help provide a seamless transition between your current broker and Community Realty. 

Who signs my Pocket Card?

Since the move to miPlus, transferring your license to Community Realty is easier than ever. Just log in to your miPlus account and follow the easy instructions to transfer brokerages. Simply enter our broker license number, 6505400593, and as soon as we add you to the roster we will both receive an email from LARA with the changed license and pocket card. 

Does my current broker need to sign my transfer form?

No. Your current broker does not have to sign your transfer form. The Association will call and let them know you have transferred out. 

Is there a fee to transfer brokerages?

Yes. The Greater Lansing Association of Realtors charges $50.00 to transfer brokerages. This is billed to Community Realty the month after you join and then the fee is passed on to you. 

GMAR does not charge a transfer fee or require a transfer form. 

What about my yard signs and other marketing materials?

We’ve got you covered! You can use our company signs as long as you need to when you join to Community Realty. We’ve got sign templates you can use to order your own when you are ready, and most sign companies will reface your existing signs as well which will save you money upfront. You are also welcome to use our flyer designs, door hanger designs, business card designs and of course you will have access to the logo as well as the Brand Color reference page.

What about my current transactions? Do I need to wait until I close all my current transactions to transfer?

Absolutely not! Don’t wait. Every day you wait is a day you are costing yourself money that you have earned! Your current broker will almost always allow you to close out your pending transactions under whatever your terms are with them. You simply need to ask what your current brokerage’s protocol is on closings after you leave the firm.

What about my current listings that are not under contract yet?

If you have listings that are not under contract yet, there are a couple of possible scenarios. Your current broker may release the listing to you and you will simply withdraw the listing, sign a new listing agreement with your seller under Community Realty and enter it into the MLS. You will also want to put a new sign in the yard.

Other scenarios include your current broker requiring you to complete the sale and closing under the terms of the existing listing agreement, or they may release but require a referral fee of some sort. If you run into either of these scenarios, please contact Jenn Worthington to talk about solutions that will help you successfully navigate these situations, and be extra grateful that you have freed yourself from a brokerage that is clearly more interested in your money than they ever were interested in you 😊

Is there office space available at Community Realty or can I work from my home?

Yes! There is office space available at Community Realty. We have an agent work space available on a first come first serve basis. We also have private locking office spaces that can be leased by an individual or group of agents. Most offices upstairs will accommodate 2-4 people. Offices can be furnished with desks and chairs if needed.

Please see Jenn Worthington for information on office space availability.

What training is currently available at Community Realty?

Currently Community Realty offers weekly training on various industry related topics to help you grow your real estate business. Classes are offered in person and on Zoom. You also have access to our previous trainings housed in our private Agent Facebook Group.

For new agents or agents with less than 2 years experience, we offer our Mentor Program. This program offers training to help new agents launch a successful career in 30 days. There are new agent classes and each agent in the Mentor Program is matched with a Mentor who will walk hand in hand with you as you find, process, and close your first 2 buyers and your first 2 sellers!