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We Believe the Best Investment is YOU.

Welcome to Community Realty! We are an agent centric brokerage committed to helping you keep more of your money. We believe the best investment you can make is in YOU. Instead of a traditional commission split, charging hefty monthly fees or having a high annual cap, we are an a la carte solution. With a low annual cap (as low as $500/year), low transaction fees, and lots of options for you to add services as you need them, Community Realty is the obvious choice for agents that are looking to grow their business.

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Keep More.

Community Realty is looking for agents that want to keep more of what they earn each and every deal.

You work hard. You should keep more of what you earn.

We have simple plans for our agents that could have you earning 100% of your commission from day 1. 

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Keep more.

Grow More.

Community Realty is uniquely positioned to meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go. 

In addition to letting you keep more, we also provide individually tailored programs to help you grow. We realize not all agents have the same goals and needs. We know that your career will change as life changes for you. We want you to find your success, whatever that looks like, in each step of your journey. We also want to encourage you to embrace your whole life and find balance that will help you find sustainability in your career.

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Grow more.

Know More.

Community Realty is committed to finding and providing the best training for its agents.

Whether you are just getting started, been around for years, or you are somewhere in between, you need training. From simple Real Estate 101 classes to more advanced Business Planning and Business Growth classes, we are always working to get you the tools and information you need to find success where you are and take the steps to where you want to go. 

We offer group classes and one on one training, so you can get the support and the help you need.

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Know more.