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Fun Fact:

There are over 100 different people involved in the average real estate transaction.

Why Do I NEED My Own Agent?

Buying a home is usually the biggest purchase you will make in your life. You are making a long term financial commitment that will be not only a financial investment, but an emotional and physical investment, too.

Buying a home is a complicated transaction. There are typically over 100 different people involved in the transaction, and in order for the transaction to come to closing, all of those people must work together.

Buying a home without an agent representing your best interests can end up costing you time and money. Without a dedicated agent, you have no representation in the transaction. ALL licensed agents work for the seller of the home until they are contracted by a buyer to represent them.

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How the Real Estate industry works:

The seller secures a licensed agent to represent them in the transaction. They have negotiated a sales price and a commission to pay for the services of the agent. Everything this agent does is looking out for the seller’s best interest. A signed a contract gives the agent the ability to market and negotiate with the seller on the sale of their home. Contracts between sellers and agents typically last between 4-12 months depending on the property and the market.

Even better, all licensed agents that do not specifically represent the prospective buyer are also working for the seller. So as an unsigned agent, the agent represents the interests of the seller. They are a sub-agent of the seller. It’s just how the industry works.

There is good news, however, the Real Estate industry realizes that buyers need representation as well, so a buyer can also sign a contract with an agent. That buyer’s agency contract establishes a relationship between the agent and the buyer giving the agent the right to act in the buyer’s best interest instead of the seller. The best thing about the buyer’s agency contract is that Your agent then represents you, yet their fees to do so are completely paid by the seller in most cases! 

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Fun Fact:

The best thing about the buyer’s agency contract is that the agent is free to represent you, yet the fees to do so are almost completely paid by the seller in most cases!