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Community Architect Agents

Benefit Summary

  • Culture of Partnership: Everyone in the Community Realty community has an equal opportunity to contribute. I believe that your voice makes all of us better. My invitation to you is partnership on a journey, and support in your career.

  • Annual Cap: $5,000.00 80/20 commission split or $4,000 lump sum

  • Diminishing Annual Cap: Reduce cap by up to $1500/yr. to minimum cap of $500 annually

  • Transaction Fee: $300/Transaction

  • Experience: Licensed 2+ years and over $2 million in sales or minimum 12 transactions

  • Teams Welcome!

  • A La Carte Services Available to help you GROW your business at your pace 😊

Let’s build the next great Real Estate Company!

*Details of compensation are dictated by Agent Compensation & Pricing Model document. Complete details concerning Compensation, Services, and Pricing can be found there. Any questions concerning compensation, services, or pricing should be directed to Jennifer Worthington at 517-798-4035 or email [email protected]