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Community Architect Benefit Summary

  • Culture of Partnership: Everyone at Community Realty has an equal opportunity to contribute. I believe that your voice makes all of us better. My invitation to you is partnership on a journey, and support in your career.

  • Annual Cap: $5,000.00 80/20 commission split or $4,000 lump sum

  • Diminishing Annual Cap: Reduce cap by up to $1500/yr. to minimum cap of $500 annually

  • Transaction Fee: $300/Transaction

  • Experience: Licensed 2+ years and over $2 million in sales or minimum 12 transactions

  • Teams Welcome!

  • A La Carte Services available to help you GROW your business at your pace 😊

Let’s build the next great Real Estate Company!

*Details of compensation are regulated by Agent Compensation & Pricing Model document. Complete details concerning Compensation, Services, and Pricing can be found there. Any questions concerning compensation, services, or pricing should be directed to Jennifer Worthington at 517-798-4035 or email [email protected]

The Coffee is on Me.

I invite you into a one on one conversation about your career and where it's headed next. The coffee is on me. The rest is up to you. Is it time for you to start investing in YOU?