Build community.

           Find home. & Community Realty

When seeking lending help for our numerous projects at the office, was the OBVIOUS choice! 

We want to build community and find home! What better way than starting an adventure in Community Lending with YOU and Kiva!

We need YOUR help! We're looking for at least 25 local lenders at $25 or more to join us and help fund our Kiva Loan!

Here's how to help:

Step 1: Visit our Kiva Loan page

Step 2: Read our profile or watch the video. 

Step 3: Choose your loan amount and click LEND NOW

Step 4: Click Proceed To Check Out w/Paypal. Kiva adds a tip to your loan IF you want to support their operations. This is OPTIONAL :) but they do great things, so consider it, ok?! 

Step 5: Create your Kiva account (so they can pay you back!) 

Step 6: Check out with Paypal.