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Professional Development Summary

  • Community Planter: New Agents or agents with less than 1 year experience start here!
    • Annual Cap starting at $15,000.00 (70/30 Split)
    • Production level to advance to Architect: $1,500,000.00 within any 12 month period
  • Community Architect: Experienced Agents with at least 2 years experience and at least $2,000,000 in production within any 12 month period.
    • Annual Cap starting at $8,000.00 (80/20 Split)
    • Once you reach Architect level, you stay at that level regardless of future production.
  • All Levels Enjoy:
    • Training, Coaching, Mentoring
    • Ability to reduce annual cap up to $500/yr.
    • Get paid at closing
    • A la Carte services to help you grow your business
    • Lead Program
    • Low Transaction fees
    • Once you achieve it, you achieve it for life! 

Let's build the next great Real Estate Company! 

*Details of compensation are dictated by Agent Compensation & Pricing Model document. Complete details concerning Compensation, Services, and Pricing can be found there. Any questions concerning compensation, services, or pricing should be directed to Jennifer Worthington at 517-798-4035 or email [email protected].

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